Work before next week

26.04.2017 10:30 Uhr

You need to do the following before Wednesday May 3:

  • Read the articles in Ilias. File: AgilSWentwickeln.pdf
  • Each please send an email to .img@.img..img no later than Friday with the three most interesting BA projects, cf. the list here:
  • Send also emails about how you wish to organise your reference groups within the MA seminar: 1, 2, or 3 groups, or some other organisation

Based on this input we will set up groups and connect each of you to a BA project. We might write to some of you for further clarifications.

On Wednesday May 3 the first sprint will be initiated with each of you connected to a BA project group, and also each of you connected to a MA group for cooperation and support in the process.

And remember, just write to me if you run into problems.