Studienleistung und Prüfung

16.06.2017 11:30 Uhr


The topic of the oral examination will be the theoretical and practical work in the course. Thus, the experiences from working with the BA students, as you have expressed and discussed it in the essays, form the core of what we will discuss. The topics of the essay as they are listed below will be important topics in the oral examination, but we will use your essays to focus the discussion. It is also good if you are able to link to readings, from the list below as well as beyond, and general experiences you may have.

Please contact Eide in order to book time for the examination.


Each student will write a 5–10 page essay in German or English about the work with their group of BA students covering the following topics:

  • The topic of the BA students’ group project and its main results
  • Your evaluation of the quality of the BA students work
    • methodology
    • process
    • results
  • Reflexions on the modelling practice of the BA students
    • what are the models showing?
    • what are the objects they are modelling?
    • discuss the relationships between models and modelled objects
    • outline some successes and failures in the modelling process
    • what did the practice of modelling mean to the students?
    • what did the students learn from this?
  • Your evaluation of your own role
    • links to agile methods generally and scrum specifically
    • was it actually useful for the BA students that you were there?
    • what did you learn from the process?

Please link to the theory outlined below but also, if and how it makes sense, to previous experiences you have, as a student, in paid or voluntary work, and in other settings.


The deadline is Friday July 27.


  • IX Kompakt 2015 — Agiles IT-Projektmanagement. Excerpts from magazine, in Ilias.
  • Ken Schwaber und Jeff Sutherland: Der Scrum Guide : Der gültige Leitfaden für Scrum: Die Spielregeln. Juli 2016.
  • Other web based publications, including but not restricted to documents found at:
  • Books and articles — search for literature then ask Eide or Wieners for advise if needed.