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11.04.2018 05:30 Uhr


Woche 1


Deadline for essay: July 27 2018

Each student will write a 5–10 page essay in German or English about the work with their group of BA students covering the following topics:

  • The topic of the BA students‘ group project and its main results
  • Your evaluation of the quality of the BA students work
    • methodology
    • process
    • results
  • Reflexions on the modelling practice of the BA students
    • what are the models showing?
    • discuss the relationships between models and modelled objects and if applicable what the modelled objects are
    • outline some successes and failures in the modelling process
    • what did the practice of modelling mean to the students?
    • what did the students learn from this?
  • Your evaluation of your own role
    • links to agile methods generally and scrum specifically
    • was it actually useful for the BA students that you were there?
    • what did you learn from the process?

Please link to the theory outlines below but also, if and how it makes sense, to previous experiences you have had, as a student, in paid or voluntary work, and in other settings.


  • IX Kompakt 2015 – Agiles IT-Projektmanagement. Excerpts from magazine, in Ilias.
  • Ken Schwaber und Jeff Sutherland: Der Scrum Guide : Der gültige Leitfaden für Scrum: Die Spielregeln. Juli 2016.
  • Other web based publications, including but not restricted to documents found at:
  • Books and articles, do your research or ask Eide or Wieners for advise.


Please get in touch about the details based on which module you take  it as part of.