The VRML 2.0 sourcebook

The VRML 2.0 sourcebook
The VRML 2.0 sourcebook
Andrea L. Ames,David R. Nadeau,John L. Moreland
Herausgeber, Ort, Jahr
x 1996-12-31
THE BEST BOOK AVAILABLE ON VRML FROM THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO COULD HAVE WRITTEN IT It took a team of experts from SDSC (the San Diego Supercomputer Center) to write the most authoritative and comprehensive guide available for creating 3-D virtual worlds on the Internet with VRML. Focusing on step-by-step guidance and insider tips and tricks, this task-oriented guide contains everything you need to make optimum use of this new technology. Totally rewritten for Version 2.0, this book explains: * How to design complex objects for your virtual world using VRML * How to use special lighting, viewpoints, and professional graphics techniques to create extremely realistic worlds * How to animate objects in and write scripts for your 3-D world with behaviors. Packed with fascinating and instructive examples, diagrams, and screen captures, VRML 2.0 Sourcebook is an invaluable technical resource for professional developers and hobbyists alike.
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