Digital Virtual Currency and Bitcoins

Digital Virtual Currency and Bitcoins
Digital Virtual Currency and Bitcoins
Richard Amores,Pierluigi Paganini
Herausgeber, Ort, Jahr
x 0000-00-00
The digital virtual communities have exploded in recent years - this phenomenon is enabled by social media and the changing world we live in. In some cases these communities have created their own currency for exchange of goods and services but it has expanded to outside their own circles and provide a new medium of exchange creating new digital virtual currencies that are changing the world. Bitcoin-Central is now the first Bitcoin exchange to become a bank with guarantee funds insured up to EU$100,000. This book explores the new digital currencies and how they are changing the world. When we were researching -The Deep Dark Web book we saw that some of the criminal elements were using this new currency Bitcoin but we also saw that legit business were also adapting to this new currency. Who uses this currency -What are the financial aspect - governments, business, merchants and criminals. This book will be an invaluable resource for cyber security professionals, financial policy-makers, business experts, lawyers, merchants, scholars, and researchers. Book provides comprehensive research from an international cyber security perspective, technical, and financial implications of the new digital virtual currencies.
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