Karin Hoehne

Karin Hoehne

Kerpener Str. 30, Eingang Weyertal, II. Stock, rechts.
Tel.: +49 - 221 - 470 7736
Fax: +49 - 221 - 470 7737


  • Studies
    • Study of Industrial Design, University of Wuppertal
      Certificate: Diploma Industrial Design
      Diploma-Thesis: "Luzifer - a designers digital work-environment"
    • since 2004:
      Study of Computer Science for the Humanities, Computer Science and Psychology
  • Professional Experience
    • 1987 - 1988
      JKS, Herne
      Experience in classic Printshop Techniques (Intern)
    • 1988 - 1990
      impuls Advertising, Dortmund/Hattingen
      Experience in Developement and Realization of classic Advertising (Intern)
    • 1990
      Bit by Bit, Duesseldorf
      Computergraphics for Printmedia and Advertisement (Intern)
    • 1991
      Studio Eichhorn, Essen
      3D-Modelling and -Rendering in High End Video Environment (Intern)
      Participation on several assignments (e.g. TV-Spot for Pelikan, Germany)
    • 1993 - 1995
      Ikarion Software GmbH, Aachen
      Computer Game Design (Leaddesigner for individual Projects e.g. Hattrick Soccer Simulation)
    • 1995
      Tetrad Design, Annapolis (Maryland, US)
      Exhibitdesign (e.g. USF&G Anniversary Exhibit, Baltimore)
    • 1995 - 1996
      student research assistant for Prof. Ulrich Reif, University of Wuppertal
    • 1996 - 1998
      calculus Softwareengineering, Cologne
      Computer Game Conceptualization and Design (Projectmanager and Leaddesigner for several Projects)
    • 1998 - 2004
      Akasushi Designagency (Founder)

    • Major Fields of Work in the Past
    • Analog
      • Advertizing (e.g. Kenwood Kompetenz Center, Germany)
      • Printmedia (Flyer- and Posterdesign) for several events)
      • Logo- and CI-Conceptualization for several companies and enterprises
      • Typography for several magazines and publications (e.g. rik)
      • Exhibit Conceptualization and Design (e.g. Special Show "Gegen die Regeln" at the Olympia Museum, Cologne)
    • Digital
      • 3D concept and -visualization (mostly) of Architectual Environment (subsequent realisation by ordered companies) (on several Modelling/Render-Systems)
      • Online/Offline - Videoediting (linear and interactive)
      • Application Programming and Design (on several Developement Platforms)
      • Internetapplications

    Additional Occupation in the Past (extract)

  • Leaddesigner of the Europride Song Contest 2002, Cologne (Advertizing, Webdesign, computerized graphics and animation for the Show et cetera)
  • General Manager of the ColognePride 2003 StageShow on Altermarkt, Cologne