Lehrveranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2016 [11. April 2016 - 22.07.2016]

Dear Students,

Eide This is a letter of introduction from Øyvind Eide. I have been hired to take over Prof. Thaller's teaching responsibilities for the winter semester 2015-16. I am really looking forward to start teaching in Cologne. It is an institution with a solid reputation in the international digital humanities community. It is also a complex organisation with a long tradition and I will take seriously the task of developing it further.

I was born in Norway and have worked for many years at the University of Oslo. I have a PhD in Digital Humanities from the King’s College London. I have also studied, among other things, computer science and comparative literature. Information about my research and a list of publications can be found at http://www.oeide.no/. See also my blog http://modmebo.hypotheses.org

In Oslo, I was engaged in a number of digitisation projects and worked as a project manager and programmer for many years. I have always emphasised the strong links between digital humanities and cultural heritage, especially connected to my work with museum informatics. Digital humanities has many other contact points, however. Not only to computer science and the humanities at large but more specifically to areas such as the study of representation, semiotics, languages, as well as literary and cultural studies and media studies. The links to archaeology and history are also important.

My teaching in Cologne will aim at continuing the strong tradition developed by Prof. Thaller and his colleagues over many years. In a slightly longer perspective than just one semester all things must develop, not the least a dynamic field such as digital humanities. The world is changing and so should we. But on the short term I will focus on continuity. I will be happy to receive suggestions and ideas from students for adjustments that could make the study programmes even better. I will teach the following winter semester courses:

  • Einführung in die Informationsverarbeitung (Vorlesung, BA)
  • Softwaretechnologie für Fortgeschrittene (Vorlesung, MA)
  • Softwaretechnologie: C++ I (Proseminar, BA)
  • Digital Humanities und die Informatik der Geisteswissenschaften (Hauptseminar, MA)
  • Aktuelle Literatur zu den Digital Humanities (Kolloquium, BA)

My teaching will be in English. This is linked to the fact that German is a second foreign language to me, but it also makes sense in an international environment where both academics and people working in the private sectors move more and more across national borders. On the other hand I know the use of English may cause some problems for the students. Therefore I will do my best to reply to any questions and needs for clarification you may have, and you are free to ask questions in German. I will accept Hausarbeiten in both German and English.

Kind regards,
Øyvind Eide